Morning in Storeton Woods

On the outskirts of Higher Bebington on the ridge above the village of Storeton are Storeton Woods.  They are owned by the Friends of Storeton Woods who mange it with help from the Woodland Trust.  The woods cover around 31 acres and have grown up on the site of a quarry that was present since Roman times. The quarries were used up to the beginning of the 20th century.

Dinosaur footprints were discovered in the quarry. The fossilised prints are believed to belong to a raptor-like dinosaur which was named after Storeton: Cheirotherium storeonia. Whilst they were centuries old, they only came to light in the 1920’s and are now housed in Liverpool Museum and the British Museum.

The creamy cloured sandstone from the quarry has been used in many local buildings including Birkenhead Town Hall in Hamilton Square. It is said that stone from the quarry was also used for cladding the Empire State Building in New York.

From the 19th century a tramway (a single track, standard gauge railway) was used to transport stone to the quayside at Bromborough.  The quarry was filled in with spoil from the excavation of the Queensway Tunnel in the 1920s and the site became what we now know as Storeton Wood a woodland and nature reserve.

Many local people walk through the woods seeing it change with the seasons.  Walking through the woods this Spring Sunday morning the sun was shining and the sky blue with lots of trees and bushes in bud ready to show their leaves for the summer.


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