A wet weekend

It’s a very long bank holiday weekend marking 60 years of The Queen’s reign with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations right up to Tuesday 5th June.  Friday was hot and sunny, Saturday was overcast and Sunday was wet and grey.

This was the day of the Thames river pageant where The Queen led around a thousand boats in one of the largest flotillas ever seen on the River Thames. The pageant started up-river from Battersea Bridge finishing downriver of Tower Bridge.  They had closed the Thames barrier to ensure the small boats could navigate the Thames.

We went on our own pageant walking around the Marine Lake in West Kirby.  It was a cold and wet Sunday and there was only one sailing dingy on the lake but not for long as it couldn’t cope with the strong off shore winds.

There were a few other brave souls out.  The visibility was poor and you could not see the Welsh mainland across the Dee estuary.  We could just about see Hilbre Island and its smaller islands.

The Lifeguards were snuggled up in their Land Rover in the deserted car park.

We did a circuit of the lake and then straight into Morrisons for a hot cup of tea.

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