End of year blog stats

I received an email today from WordPress telling me of the stats concerning my blog site for the year 2012.

I started this blog in March and in 2012, there were 45 new posts, with 690 pictures uploaded.

The blog site got 3,400 views during the year.

The busiest day of the year was September 10th with 62 views with the most popular post that day being ‘Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta’.

The posts that got the most views on the blog site in 2012 were:

  1. ‘Onward to Nottingham Castle’
  2. ‘City of Giants’
  3. ‘Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta’
  4. ‘Thingwall to Landican’
  5. ‘There’s no place like home’

The most commented on post in 2012 was ‘Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta’.

People who viewed the site came from 62 different countries.  Most visitors came from the United Kingdom with the United States and Australia not far behind.

I’ve enjoyed doing this blog as it has got me back into photography which I’d not done for a while.  I dusted off my old digital kit and I’ve even got my older film cameras out to take more photographs.  I’m even thinking of investing in some newer digital equipment. I’ve also really enjoyed getting out and about and photographing the Wirral where I live and further afield as the opportunity arises.

I’ll set myself some fresh challenges to take an even wider selection of photos for 2013.


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