Demolition on Church Road


The Tranmere area of Birkenhead was part of the then Labour Government’s Housing Market Renewal area where old unsound buildings were to be demolished and new homes and facilities were to be built in their place.


The centre of this area is Church Road where there has been previous demolition work and the provision of a brand new local shopping area, as well as nearby St Catherine’s Hospital former workhouse building being cleared and replaced with a new modern designed health centre.


When the Coalition government came to power in 2010 they ended the Housing Market Renewal clearance and redevelopment scheme and many areas were left in limbo.



However there has been some recent activity on Church Road and the last remaining old boarded up shops are being demolished.


Work started on the demolition of 25-39 Church Road Birkenhead which is a terrace of two storey buildings with flats to first floor and retail shops to the ground floor.  The shop keepers were re-located to existing shop units further down Church Road.



I managed to take some photographs as they are being demolished in the bright June sunshine.


2 thoughts on “Demolition on Church Road

  1. Sad to see this. Haven’t been in the area for many years but my grandparents lived on fountain street and I was christened, and my nan, died at st cath’s.

    • Hi Steve

      The area has changed over the years. Clearance has taken place and some new developments have replaced the old houses. The old workhouse building has gone at St Caths and a brand new health centre has been built on the site. One of the terraces of old shops has been replaced with a newly built small shopping complex. However they are now completing the demolition of old sites but there are no plans to redevelop these sites at present. May be I should do an article about the new developments along Church Road.

      Best wishes


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