Blog Stats for 2017

It’s end of year and as usual I reflect on what I’ve published on this blog during the last twelve months. I’ve uploaded ten new blogs during the year.

This year saw 9,828 views with 6,802 separate visitors from 83 different countries coming to the blog site.

The Top Ten countries viewing my blog were in order of views:

  • UK 6,481
  • USA 2,114
  • Australia 236
  • Spain 100
  • Germany 92
  • France 91
  • Russia 51
  • Canada 49
  • Netherlands 49
  • Italy 37

The most visiting postings during 2017 in order of popularity were:

  • Home page
  • On Four Bridges
  • The Welsh Streets Part 2
  • On Bidston Hill
  • Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
  • Littlewoods Building on Edge Lane Liverpool
  • About Wirral
  • The Hillsborough Monument Memorial
  • Birkenhead Tunnel Flyovers
  • Birkenhead Tunnel

I’ve uploaded 118 posts since I started the blog in March 2012 with 46,777 total views and 27,365 separate visitors during this time.

I will end by saying thank you to everyone who has taken the time to follow my blogs and photographs during the last twelve months and look forward to seeing you in the forthcoming year.

Best wishes to you all for 2018.

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