End of Year statistics 2018

Well 2018 is drawing to an end and the sixth year of this blog. At this time of year, I usually summarise the activity and interest in the website.

During 2018 there were 6,239 visitors to the blog with 9,437 individual views. In the year I published twelve blog posts out of a total of 131 on the web site. Since the website has been going there have been 56,254 views and 33,444 total visitors.

The top six most popular posts during the year were:

• The Welsh Streets Part 2 – ‘Peaky Blinders’
• On Four Bridges – around Birkenhead Docks
• Littlewoods building Edge Lane Liverpool
• On Bidston Hill
• Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
• The Hillsborough Monument Memorial

In terms of visitors during 2018 they came from 85 countries across the globe with the top six countries being:

• The UK with 4,726 views over the year
• The United States with 3,130 views
• Australia with 184 views
• Canada with 126 views
• Netherlands with 113 views
• Germany with 99 views

For 2019 I hope to get out more to capture a wider range of images and stories across Wirral and Liverpool.

Thank you for all those people who have visited my blog site during 2018. I hope to see you during 2019.

Best wishes and a Happy New Year.

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