Santa comes down our road tonight…

Every year in December the local Wirral Lions Club take Santa out on his sleigh in the two weeks leading up to Christmas.  They tour around the local area going around the houses in the evenings encouraging people to donate to charity. Tonight Santa came down our road.


The Lions Clubs are an international group founded in the USA which brings business people together to improve their communities.  The Lions provide financial and practical help to individuals and to a range of local, national and international charities.  Wirral Lions raise money by means of the Christmas sleigh and also through bedding plant sales, helping to run a Food Festival, a sponsored walk, charity collections, raffles and other events.  They give money and practical help to people in the community including the disabled, the elderly and others in need.  Last year, in spite of icy and cold weather, the Wirral Lions raised £9,000 through their Christmas collection, which was given to a variety of local charities and other good causes.

It is always exciting for our children (who are old enough to know better) when Santa comes down our road in his sleigh.  We can hear him getting closer as the Christmas carols and songs echo around the streets near our house before he actually turns into our road.